Our driver development programme is an individualised, needs-led approach to developing and maximising driver’s potential. We will do this by providing the following:

  • Create the appropriate environment and infrastructure required that will allow each and every individual
  • Develop circuit knowledge aided by using archive in car video and data whilst running¬† with constant observation from a skilled driver coach.
  • Working with both in car video and acquired data to fully understand what is required to reduce lap times to competitive levels
  • Developing an understanding of race engineering by following a methodical development programme again tired in data analysis.

Full evaluation possible of current skill level of the driver and identify the areas that remain to be improved.

Andy’s role in the program is to work with the drivers to:

  • Analysis and interpret the telemetry data.
  • Look at the driver’s steering/brake/throttle input which can then be interpreted in order to improve the driver’s performance.
  • Highlight areas for further and continuous improvement.
  • Highlight areas of success and how they can be built upon
    From the outset of the programme Robbie will work with the drivers in a number of ways via the in-car camera system and observing the drivers at various points on the circuit during the practice session. He will discuss and describe the correct racing lines and techniques required to improve both the car and drivers performance.

Fitness and Nutrition Programme

Sports Science Company Pro performance work with the team’s drivers in there purpose-built 8000sqft Human Performance Centre. The centre offers elite racing drivers a unique environment to prepare themselves physically and mentally for the sport. This “Centre of Excellence” boasts a combination of services, training facilities and expertise of the very highest standard. Each driver receives a tailored fitness program and nutrition plan to improve their training and competition performance.

Development- through Simulation

In conjunction with Base Performance Simulators the team has access to a cutting-edge simulator. We believe a structured simulator program for the driver is an integral part of the driver development programme.